Network teaming

Creating Script to add team using man:

man nmcli-examples |grep “Example 7″ -A 4|tail -n3|cut -d “$” -f 2 >
nmcli con add type team con-name Team1 ifname Team1 config team1-master-json.conf
nmcli con add type team-slave con-name Team1-slave1 ifname em1 master Team1
nmcli con add type team-slave con-name Team1-slave2 ifname em2 master Team1
Replace em1 and em2 with your_interface1 and your_interface1 in above example. And, replace team1-master-json.conf, with ‘{“runner”:{“name”,”activebackup”}}’ in above below. If you don’t want activebackup, you can replace activebackup with other types of team.

If you just want to see man help for team use following line:

man nmcli-examples |grep “Example 7″ -A 4

Steps involved: (ens9 and ens10 are interfaces in my case)

1. Create team:
nmcli connection add type team con-name team0 ifname team0 config ‘{“runner”:”name”:”activebackup”}}’

2. Assign IPv4 address and gateway. Note: in exam you may not need to assign gatway for team inerface.
nmcli  con mod team0 ipv4.method manual ipv4.addresses “″
3. Assign ens9 interface to team0 as slave
nmcli connection add type team-slave con-name team0-ens9 ifname ens9 master team0

4. Assign ens10 interface to team0 as slave
nmcli connection add type team-slave con-name team0ens10 ifname ens10 master team0

5. Getting up team0 connection
nmcli connection up team0

7 Verifying team status
teamdctl team0 state
teamnl team0 ports

8. Verifying team stating by shutting down ens9 and ens10 one by one.
nmcli con dis ens9
teamdctl team0 state


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