System Administration, BIT (PU)

1. Network Architecture and Networking software
1.1 Mainframe Architecture
1.2 Client/server Architecture
1.2.1 Different Client/server models
1.3 File server Architecture
1.4 Upsizing
1.5 Downsizing
1.6 What does a client expect from as OS?
1.7 Analysis of client OS trends
1.7.1 Analysis of NT, UNIX clients
1.8 Analysis of server OS trends
1.8.1 Analysis of NT, UNIX clients

Reference materials:


Bit 8 ch1

2. Network Transport systems, protocols, addressing and routing
2.1 Ethernet and the IEEE 802.3 standards
2.2 Protocols associated with TCP/IP
2.3 Setting protocol priority
2.4 Selecting right protocol
2.5 Internet addressing conventions and scaling issues
2.6 Classical subnetting
2.7 Generalized subnetting
2.8 Variable length subnet mask and supernetting
2.9 Manipulation of subnet and supernet
2.10 Open standards based IP routing protocols
Reference materials:


cisco subnetting example

ethernet 802.3

IP Addressing

3. Data Storing and fault-tolerance techniques
3.1 The structure of different file system techniques
3.2 Managing different file system in network
3.3 Disk-storage fault tolerance
3.4 Developing a disaster recovery plan
3.5 Developing a backup plan
3.6 Restoring and protecting an operating system
3.7 Directory restore and replication
Reference materials:

3.1 the structure of different file system techniques

3.2 Distributed File System

3.3 – 3.5 disk fault tolerance, Develop a backup plan, disaster recovery plan

3.6 System Restore in Windows 7

3.7 Active Directory Backup and Restore

4. Administrative and network operational models
4.1 Concepts of administrative models
4.2 Workgroup
4.3 Domain
4.4 Tree
4.5 Forest
4.6 Global catalog
4.7 Schema Master
4.8 Light Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
Reference materials: 4 directory services

5. Network monitoring and control
5.1 Network monitoring architecture
5.2 Auditing
5.3 Account Monitoring and control
5.4 Security control
5.5 User Environment configuration and protocol
5.6 Fault monitoring

Reference materials:

Audit Policy

Network Management Architecture

network monitoring

SNMP Basic

6. Network protocols and services
6.1 Introduction to Network protocols
6.2 TCP/IP
6.3 DHCP
6.4 WINS
6.5 DNS
Reference materials: How DHCP works
7. Routing and Remote Access Services
7.1 Introduction to Routing and Remote Access Services
7.2 Features of Routing and Remote Access Services
7.3 Virtual Private Networks
7.4 RRAS Tools
Reference materials:

network protocols (dns wins dhcp) – RRAS and authitencation protocols (eap – chap – spap – pap)
8. Authentication Protocols
8.1 Extensible Authentication Protocol
8.2 CHAP
8.3 SPAP
8.4 PAP
9. Network Security and essentials
9.1 Attack Services and Mechanisms
9.2 Cryptography
9.2.1 Conventional encryption and message confidential
9.2.2 Public-key cryptography and message authentication
9.3 Network security application
9.3.1 Kerberos , X.509
9.3.2 Pretty good privacy
9.3.3 IP Security
9.3.4 SSL, TLS, SET
9.4 System Security
9.4.1 Intruders and virus
9.4.2 Firewalls
Reference materials:

Firewalls security

Security Attacks

Security threats

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