autofs to automatically mount ldap user’s home

In ipa server: (Serving home directory remotely)

  1. Create home directory of each users you have added in IPA server for example user  reewa was created (Note: when you create user in IPA Server or LDAP home directory will not be automatically created):
    cp -r /etc/skel /home/reewa
    chown -R reewa.reewa /home/reewa
  2. Export /home in NFS
    echo “/home *(rw)” >> /etc/exports
    systemctl enable nfs-server
    systemctl start nfs-server

Configuring client machine to automatically mount /remote_host/reewa on login

In Desktop1:

  1. add autofs record in auto.master to point /remote_home to use /etc/auto.master file
    echo “/remote_home /etc/auto.remote_user” >> /etc/auto.master
  2. if required, auto.misc contains sample. use “grep ftp” to find right line. I am about to write directly into /etc/auto.remote_user file
    echo “reewa   server1.shiba.local:/home/reewa” >  /etc/auto.remote_user
  3. enable autofs and restart service
    systemctl enable autofs
    systemctl restart autofs

Note: in auto.master file /remote_home, is the folder where you want to mount remote NFS share, you don’t need to create /remote_home. Similarly, /etc/auto.remote_user file contains mapping of reewa user’s home directory from NFS server, so that when ever, anybody tries to access /remote_home/reewa, it will map to server1.shiba.local:/home/reewa.

You can test if autofs is properly working or not with use change to the directory, you don’t need to loging using reewa to test autofs:
cd /remote_home/reewa

Note: there is no relation between autofs and ldap, we are just using autofs’s dynamic feature to associate remotely shared folder of ldap users to properly shared remote directory.

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