Shiba Ratna Tamrakar

Linux System administration and programming is part of my daily life, which I enjoy. Apart from my professional career, I am also involved as visiting faculty at KCC and ICA ( IGNOU ). Teaching computer science subjects is part of my life not as a profession but as my hubby. I love teaching, and always try to provide realistic practical knowledge to my students rather than theory from book.

IGNOU CS-74 Internet Programming in Java

Java Programming is considered as a good teaching tools for Object Oriented programming and Advanced technology in Universities. India Gandi National Open University introduced CS-74 Internet Programming based on Java. Lecture notes for the course can be found in IGNOU CS-74 Internet Programming in Java

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Linux System Administration ( RHCE/LPIC )

Linux is one of the popular Server Operating system now also widely used an Desktop and mobiles. Some of the related notes can be found in: CentOS ( 7 by example